Diane was a featured regular columnist for Canada’s highest-selling daily, the Toronto Star for almost three years. Her column was called “In the Thick of It" and told stories of ordinary people coping with extraordinary, often life-and-death crises -- starting with a very personal piece about her son Jonny called, Giving Up Not An Option, So Laugh.  She interviewed people as diverse as Jill Bolte Taylor, the TED talk sensation and author of the book, My Stroke of Insight, to writer and Iranian expat and torture survivor Marina Nemat, to the late musician Oliver Schroer (Oliver Schroer: Gracefully Taking Leave of Life).

Favourite columns from "In the Thick of It," include:
Passion, Humour and Mom Help A Knight Fight Injustice
Time Helps, but the Pain Never Ends
Weathering the Unimaginable
Advocate for Homeless Knows What It's Like
'Something So Scary,' Spun into Laughter
Compassion, Insight Heal Wounds
When Hope Creeps Back In
Christmas Party That Jake Built


Diane was the parenting columnist at the Globe, Canada’s national newspaper.

Favorite stories from the Globe and Mail include:
An Ode to Paranoid Parents Everywhere
What Religion Should I Raise My Child?

additional pubs
Diane is a freelance columnist for magazines including: More, MacLean’s, Today’s Parent, The Canadian Women’s Studies Journal, NOW, XTRA and Elle Magazine.

Favorite stories from More Magazine include:
How I Became and Atheist at Sick Kids
(Put forward by the publisher for a national magazine award.)


Canada's largest publisher, McClelland Stewart, published this book on pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Part memoir, part social-commentary this book is a funny faithful companion to anyone who is pregnant or contemplating parenthood. The book is now available in better bookstores everywhere (Toronto Women's Bookstore) and on Amazon.

“For all the barfing, belching, crying, self-absorption and lack of sleep, Flacks does a great job reminding us that having a baby is a pretty amazing thing. It’s life changing. It’s not just about the sleep deprivation; it’s the complete reorientation of one’s life that takes place when you add a child to the mix. Perhaps the best thing about Bear With Me is how much I’m looking forward to putting it into people’s hands. This is the down and dirty guide to pregnancy with enough sentimentality to make it sweetly appealing rather than cloying.” ~ Maureen Phillips, Xtra Magazine

Diane has also contributed articles and essays to numerous anthologies and publications.

Some selected titles:

How Theatre Educates, edited by Kathleen Gallagher and David Booth, published by University of Toronto Press

And Baby Makes More, edited by Susan Goldberg and Chloe Brushwood Rose,  published by Insomniac Press

Jewish Facets of Contemporary Drama, edited by Albert Reiner-Glaap, published by Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier

Random Acts was published in a collection called Lesbian Plays: Coming of Age in Canada, published by Playwrights Canada Press, edited by Rosalind Kerr

SIBS by Diane Flacks and Richard Greenblatt was published by Playwrights Canada Press

By A Thread was published by Playwrights Canada Press in a collection of one-person shows called SIngular Voices, edited by Tony Hamill

I'd Kiss You But... by Diane Flacks, Victoria Ward and Wendy White was published in a collection called Rhubarb-O-Rama by Playwrights Canada Press, edited by Franco Boni

Bear With Me -- excerpt published in Outspoken, edited by Susan G Cole, published by Playwrights Canada Press

The Road to Hell, a short scene is included in Snappy Shorts at the Tarragon, published by Playwrights Canada Press, compiled by Andy McKim